Sifnos Crisis Theatre Workshop

60 European citizens committed to creating theatre that proposes new storytelling experiences about the recent financial crisis.

Participants Survey: how was it to be part of the Sifnos Crisis experience?

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Discover Sifnos Island

Pictures by Horta do Rosário, click the picture bellow to access the whole gallery.   See more of Sifnos in this video :

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Map of Sifnos

Map from

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Sifnos Crisis credits

Organisation Mezzanine Spectacles, Toulouse, France / Juliette Bompoint, Julie Paule in partnership with Panteion University Research Committee, Athens, Greece / Yangos Andreadis and The International Theatre, Rome, Italy / Tomaso Thellung de Courtelary, … Continue reading

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Sifnos Process: How are the participants going to work?

The purpose of the Sifnos Crisis workshop is to create a basis for encounter of all the European groups coming to Sifnos to work on the topic of the economic … Continue reading

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A few pictures of Sifnos


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What is Sifnos Crisis Theatre workshop?

Sifnos Crisis questions the climate of crisis in Europe through a theatre cooperation involving 7 countries as partners: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, UK and France, and also guests participants from the … Continue reading

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