Sifnos Crisis Theatre Workshop

60 European citizens committed to creating theatre that proposes new storytelling experiences about the recent financial crisis.

Valter and Valeria



Location: In the kitchen of the Cultural center and in the bus (return to the hotel). 12/07/2013.

Interview with Valeria Iacampo. Age: 25. Athens. Born in Oristiano (Sardinia. Live in Rome).

By Válter F. Nogueira S, Portugal.


Valeria, do you work? Are you a student?

I am a student, I teach ballet to children and work as a secretary in a gym, I am also an actress in different companies, sometimes I do baby-sittings.

Do you consider yourself as an actress or a dancer?

I am an actress and, as such, I am also a dancer.  A dancer has different ways to represent or be a dancer, can give different types of acting, if you dance, you represent.

Which dancers inspire or influence you?

Pina Bausch and Nureiev.

Are you happy?

Next issue.

What you gonna do when you come back to Italy?

I am part of two companies, therefore I have so much work to do. I’m part of a performance in september.

If you had, now, only one minute left to live, what would you tell the world?

Live for me.

What will you feel when you leave Sifnos, and you come back to Italy?

I’ll miss everything.

What is your best virtue?


Your worst fault?

I am bad.

If you were in an island and you could pick one person to take, who would you pick?

I cannot pick anyone.

Which song is in your head today?

Bocca di rose, Fabrizio de Andrè.

What does it mean to you the Sifnos project, in a word?


Can the world change?

I believe that the world can change, but would not shure, that you can changed

One word to describe the crisis?

A glass of water.




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