Sifnos Crisis Theatre Workshop

60 European citizens committed to creating theatre that proposes new storytelling experiences about the recent financial crisis.

Bianca and Bianca



Since I didn’t have time to interview anyone and I wasn’t interviewed as well, I ask myself some questions about Sifnos!!

Question: what’s your background and how did you arrive to the World Crisis Theatre?

Answer: I’m an actress who works in theatre and cinema, but theatre has always been my first love; so, when I knew many months ago that Tomaso Thellung was looking for actors for an international project, my first thought was :” I wanna be part of it”… And here I am!! I truly feel thankful for being part of this project and for being called to think about the strong changes that our countries are passing through.

Question: do you think theatre has the power to tell the crisis and to give an answer?

Answer: I really think theatre has the power to show and tell everything; and I think that the economic crisis we are experiencing oblige us somehow to think about art in a different way, maybe more authentic. I was impressed by all the performances I saw in Sifnos because they were able to show, in a way or in another, a part of this big crisis, that is obviously cultural and ethical too.

Question: what’s your feeling about the Sifnos’ experience?

Answer: I felt a little bit scared before to come to Sifnos, because I didn’t know what to expect; but being here, talking with different people from different countries, sharing artistic and human experiences, I feel part of something bigger and I really think I experienced the sense of being an European citizen. Thank you all.

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