Sifnos Crisis Theatre Workshop

60 European citizens committed to creating theatre that proposes new storytelling experiences about the recent financial crisis.

Bruno Freyssinet


Bruno Freyssinet is a theatre director and project designer. For Mezzanines and Panteion University, he will be associated artist of the Sifnos Crisis experience, animating some of the creative works with the artists and students involved.

Bruno also run the project World Crisis Theatre as theatre director for La Transplanisphere. This project will propose the creation of a play in Epidaurus in August 13 and will develop in 14 through Europe.

He likes to question the appropriation and transposition on stage of contemporary geopolitical topics. Through cooperation projects, he stages performances linked to workshops and debates with audiences. In 2011-2012, he has initiated Rec>ON (reconciliation) and it’s associated play The Descendants, in collaboration with Armenia, Germany and Turkey. The play has been first performed in Yerevan (Oct. 2011), then in Paris, Berlin and Wuppertal (May 2012 and 2013).

In 2009, he has co-directed Stuff Happens (David Hare) at Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre (France). He is now preparing the staging of The Power of Yes, again by David Hare, that explores the 2008 financial crisis. A first rehearsal session will happen this summer 13 in Athens, and a teaser will be presented in Epidaurus, Little Antique Theatre, on August 23rd.

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