Sifnos Crisis Theatre Workshop

60 European citizens committed to creating theatre that proposes new storytelling experiences about the recent financial crisis.

Iker Ortiz de Zarate

Iker Ortiz de Zarate. Director. Acting and Theatre Theory

Born in Vitoria Gasteiz (Spain) and awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Drama with First Class Honours by the University of Kent, Iker is trained as an actor in different schools, such as the William Layton Laboratory, Juan Carlos Corazza´s Studio and the Esadt, in Madrid, Franco Américain Cinéma Theâtre, Êcole de Danse du Marais and Êcole Marcel Marceau in Paris and John Strasberg´s Studio, Broadway Dance Center and The Acting Studio in New York, amongst others, with Acting teachers like Luis Blat, James Price, John Grabowsky or John Strasberg.
He starts soon working as an actor, and at the age of 21 he plays the main male character of Michael Winterbottom´s “Under the Sun”, which will lead him towards the United Kingdom, where he also works in Theatre and Television.
He is the leader of the spanish group.

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